You’re in Show Business


When my brother and I were making our first motion picture, The Final Patient, an industry insider told us, "Everybody wants to be in two businesses . . . their business and show business". We thought it funny at the time, but it's proven to be true. Look at the explosion of YouTube. People are obsessed with celebrity-especially their own.
But as business owners, we can use this to our advantage. Folks will watch, be influenced by and share compelling video content. They will (conversely) draw negative conclusions about a business with poorly produced, client-facing content. It's because we are all now, seasoned judges of good production, whether we know it or not. You have to only look back on the first Star Wars . . . the special effects look rudimentary compared to what you see today. So, the bar has been raised and the public has been conditioned to expect more.
Two final thoughts-if you're not publishing video content about your business, you should be. You're already late to the game. And a little bit of education will go a long way to insure you're content isn't relegated to the "junk bin" category of business video that's all over the net. Remember, everybody uses Word, but there are not many Shakespeare's writing with it.
Let's get good together!